Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

MUMBAI – Renowned Bollywood actress and politician Kangana Ranaut firmly refuted speculations surrounding her consumption of beef, emphasizing her adherence to a vegetarian diet

Taking to Instagram, Ranaut expressed dismay at the spread of unfounded rumors tarnishing her reputation, labeling the allegations as “extremely shameful.”

She categorically stated her aversion to beef consumption along with any form of red meat.

Ranaut’s denial comes amidst ongoing controversy and speculation surrounding her personal life and political affiliations.

The actress, known for her outspoken views, said that such baseless claims would not succeed in diminishing her public image.

She while maintaining her Hindu identity declared her pride in her cultural heritage, saying that, “My fans know me, and I take pride in being a Hindu,”.

Kangana Ranaut denies rumors of consuming Beef
Kangana Ranaut denies rumors of consuming Beef

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