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Karachi: The beautiful actress and producer of Pakistan’s showbiz industry, Hareem Farooq, has revealed the name of her favorite national cricketer.

Recently, Hareem Farooq appeared as a guest on a private TV program where she openly discussed various topics.

During the program, the host asked the actress why she chose to become a producer and whether she is a tough producer or a softie.

In response, Hareem said that she is a gentle producer, she does not bother her staff and actors but takes all the problems herself. She does this because she knows that everyone has many problems in their life.

She believes everyone has their own worries and doesn’t want to add to them. Her interest in the production side of filmmaking and the process behind the camera motivated her to take on this role.

When asked about her decision to become a producer, Farooq explained that she is a lenient producer who avoids burdening her staff and actors, preferring to handle the stress herself.

Hareem Farooq reveals the name of her favorite cricketer

She added that she decided to become a producer because she wanted to see how scenes are filmed behind the camera.

The host then asked the actress which national cricketer she likes as she is single.

Hareem Farooq blushed and said with a smile that her favorite cricketer is Babar Azam, followed by Naseem Shah.

During the show, the host also inquired about Hareem Farooq’s favorite cricketer, given that she is currently single. Hareem, with a blush and a smile, revealed that Babar Azam is her favorite, followed closely by Naseem Shah.

Hareem Farooq has starred in a number of popular dramas. She’s known for her roles in both romantic stories and family dramas. Some of her well-known dramas include “Diyar-e-Dil,” and “Dusri Biwi.”

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