Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Prince Harry has just been put on blast for rebranding his royal title while King Charles battles cancer

Prince Harry is officially ‘beyond' redemption

Prince Harry has just been put on blast for rebranding Archewell with his royal titles, that too while King Charles battles cancer.

All of this has been brought to light by royal commentator Sarah Vine.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces by Ella for the Daily Mail.

In the piece she urged the King to take back the couple’s titles and admitted, “Ok, I take it all back”

“Following the King’s cancer diagnosis last week, I had naively hoped that such a serious health crisis might bring — or at least start to bring — Prince Harry to his senses,” she began by saying.

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“I thought it might make him understand the importance of family; maybe see the pressures the King has been under over the past few years; perhaps I feel a pang of sympathy for the old man.”

But Ms Vine added, “after the Duke and Duchess’s latest move — rebranding their Archewell website as, complete with coat of arms — I give up. “They are, I’m afraid, beyond redemption.”

“No wonder Prince William is believed to have refused to see his brother on his flying visit to the UK last week; no wonder he only had about half an hour with King Charles.”

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