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Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan


The Honda CG 125, more commonly known as “125” in Pakistan is a commuter motorcycle manufactured by the Japanese company Honda. The CG in 125 stands for Cash Guarantee. It was introduced in Japan in 1976 and was produced till 2008. Its production shifted to Pakistan in 1992. It is manufactured by Atlas Honda in Pakistan.

Initially, the CG 125 required regular oil changes to keep the engine in good shape. Lack of this maintenance led to the wearing out of camshafts. As CG 125 was introduced in developing countries, there was no culture of regular maintenance there which led to the engine wearing out quickly. Honda fixed this problem by using overhead valves (OHV) with pushrods, a washable foam air filter, and a fully enclosed chain.

The Honda CG 125 has been a style icon for several decades. An icon of style, perfection, and power. The Honda 125 is a perfect tough roadmaster for all kinds of roads and never lets you down when it comes to comfort and economy. Honda 125 is a stunning outcome of the latest Japanese technology to survive and run the best performance in all conditions. The fascinating silencer modification looks enthralling with the eye-catching tank graphics. Honda CG 125 2023 now comes with Euro II technology offering great miles per kilometer on the road while keeping a good balance of performance and road grip.

The current model of CG125 is powered by a 124 cc (7.6 cu in) four-stroke, overhead valve, single-cylinder engine that has changed little over the years. The external design has also received only a few tweaks and shares great similarities with the original 1970s design of the CG 125.

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan
Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan

Latest updates on Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan 2024

Atlas Honda has brought this innovative vehicle with low maintenance cost. The prices have soared in recent years. Therefore, Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan will not fluctuate in 2024. It costs RS 234,900 W.E.F (5th August 2023). Keeping in consideration the new updates, the Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan will remain the same as before.

Atlas Honda has brought the Honda CG 125 in Pakistan at a reliable price with low maintenance cost. However, the prices have been increased previously and the Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan is price_range W.E.F (5th August 2023). The prices of Honda CG 125 models 2022 and 2023 were the same at their launch, but now it has been changed. According to the latest updates, the Honda CG 125 price will remain the same for the current year 2024.

Honda CG 125 gold edition price in Pakistan 2024:

Atlas Honda has recently launched its Honda CG 125 gold edition 2024 with the price of RS 292,900. Initially, the price of Honda CG 125 gold was RS 282,900, and it hiked up to RS 1000 afterward. The price demonstrates the “power of gold.” It has a speedometer with a blend of black and gold color. It has a unique golden color, with black and gold stickers. The golden side panels protect with clear white blinkers, providing visibility and safety on the road.

CG 125 Specs

The Honda CG 125 2024 new model has a Euro II 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled engine with bore & stroke of 56.5 x 49.5 mm. It has a fuel capacity of 9.2 Liters (Reserve: 2 Liters) and comes with a 4 Speed Constant Mesh transmission. With the dimensions of 1912 x 735 x 1026 mm, it comes with a ground clearance of 132 mm. Its seat height is 764 mm making it easy for people of normal height to easily sit and handle the motorcycle. 

The overall wheelbase of CG 125 is 1204 mm which helps in keeping the bike stable. The front tire is 2.50 – 18 (4 PR) while the tire at the back is 3.00; 17 (6 PR). The front suspension of the 2023 CG 125 is a Telescopic Fork with 103 mm Travel while the rear suspension is Swing Arm with 68 mm Travel. It comes with a dry weight of 100 kg which provides it stability.

CG 125 Features

The Honda CG 125 is a kick-start motorcycle that is known for its good performance and durability. It comes with a roller chain and has the standard features of CG 125 without much change over the years.

Honda CG 125 Design

The design of CG 125 has not changed much since its launch. Even though the company claims it has made several changes to its exterior, consumers fail to see any major improvements. Some minor changes include a raised pillion seat and lower rear indicators.

CG 125 Ride handling

The Honda CG 125 is popular because of its stability and performance. Its sturdy frame and broad wheelbase provide it with more stability during rides. It also has a strong grip making its handling easier.

Its parts are easily available everywhere in Pakistan and mechanics have intensive knowledge about its mechanism, making its maintenance easier.

Maintenance and Care tips for Honda CG 125

You should implement some tips and methods to ensure the maintenance and longevity of the Honda CG 125. These are as follows:

Prioritize safety: Safety comes first while riding. You should wear appropriate gear including a helmet, and motorcycle gloves.
Tire maintenance: Monitor tire pressure for any signs of wear and tear. We should inspect them for their maintenance and enjoy a smoother riding experience.
Store properly: Proper storage is essential in a dry spot to protect it from external elements like heat, rain, and sunlight.
Chain maintenance: Ensure the chain is adequately lubricated to minimize wear and promote seamless power transmission.
Check the owner’s manual: You should check the owner’s manual for the optimal upkeep of your vehicle and follow recommendations from there. Timely service the vehicle: After specific intervals, you should inspect the engine oil change, air filter replacements, and inspect the motorcycle brakes as well. It is necessary to change oil every 1000 miles.

Honda CG 125 Resale

Honda CG 125 has an outstanding resale value in the Pakistani market. It can be resold easily and quickly at a good price any time after purchase due to its durability and parts availability.

CG 125 Competitors

The main competitors of Honda 125 in the Pakistani market are Yamaha YBR 125 Road Prince 125, Ravi Piaggio 125, and United 125.

The Honda CG 125 comes with a larger fuel tank and better fuel consumption. Honda CG 125 beats Yamaha YBR 125 in affordability as CG 125 has a much lower price compared to that of YBR.

The Honda CG 125 has a larger fuel capacity and a better compression ratio than the Honda CG 125. The Road Prince 125 also has an electric motor starting feature which CG 125 lacks. It is also larger in size and has a better stability. With a 126cc displacement, 5-speed transmission, and electric start feature, the Ravi Piaggio 125 surpasses the Honda CG 125.

Road Prince 125 features a bigger fuel capacity and a superior compression ratio. It has the added convenience of an electric motor starting feature, which is absent in CG 125. Its larger size contributes to improved stability.

Ravi Piaggio 125, with its 126cc displacement, 5-speed transmission, and electric start, outperforms the Honda CG 125. It presents a compelling choice for riders seeking advanced features and enhanced performance

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